About Dennis DeGraw

Dennis DeGraw is an abstract expressionist painter from Brooklyn NY. Embedding his work in the theories of the spiritual, meditation, Early in his career Dennis worked as a deep sea diver in thge Gulf of Mexico. Working on oil rigs and pipelines, As a painter the fraction of light as it travels through water is very visible in his work. His work is also captures the moment of inspiration, “by eliminating the options that thought creates I am able to find my true voice in my lifeforce energy”

His early work derived from the human condition of being a seeker. Seeking somethiung beyond what we are, what we see. “In seeking I never thought I found my voic e. ut rather the outer energy of myself. By being a revealer we become vulnerable, by becoming vulnerable we are not able to protect and shield aspects of ourselves. When we are true revealers we become true to our work, ourselves, and are ablke to create the absolute beauty and treasure in ourselves. We Become the Void.

Dennis DeGraw studied at the New York Academy of art. His worked has been seen in various advertisements, leased by notable companies and actors.

2019 CV

MAY “Mana Decentralized”. Mana Contemporary / Jersey City New Jersey

MAY “On Site” Trestle Gallery. / Brooklyn New York

MAY “Kitchen Curatial” Trestle Gallery. / Brooklyn New York