Dennis DeGraw is a spiritual painter who began developing his painting technique in 2012 shortly after attending the New York Academy of Art. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and creates his exquisite abstract paintings from his art studio located in the artsy and historic neighbourhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn. 

DeGraw is a captivating artist who incorporates personal writings alongside his paintings, introducing viewers to his visual work through a personal expression of words and stories. A true spiritual painter, DeGraw’s oil paintings transcend the ordinary visual experience by offering a powerful view into his life while bearing the artist’s raw feelings and ideas. The basis of his work is tragedy, voids and trust. Become the voids, have confidence in yourself. The only real tragedy is not to believe.

We must emabrace truth to become the greatest version of ourselves.  

Be Willing To Dare, a collection of poems recently published in book form on the testament of truth, pursuit and the triumph of resistance, is a manifestation of words on the beauty of life and dreams captured by believing. Be Willing To Dare is an expanded version of DeGraws entry into new territories that represent his  duality as an artist and his unique contribution to the art world.

2019 Group Exhibitions

Mana Contemporary “DECENTRALIZED”

Trestle Gallery “On SITE”


Past Corporate Collectors

Restoration Hardware

ABC Home

Keystone Group